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Academic information


The master's degree schedule is basically on afternoons.

In the Course online catalogue you will find the academic information, timetables, dates of exams and calendars of each course: (Catalan version)


Master's degree program provides the opportunity to take 3 specialities (students must attend 24 elective credits corresponding to that which has been chosen to obtain the mention):

  • Chemical Processes
  • Biotechnology
  • Polymers & Biopolymers

Recognitions and introductory courses


The recognitions may be established in general form, but also may be considered individually, on a reasoned request of the student. A maximum of 60 credits could be recognized for those students who can provide educational experience in chemical engineering and environment, specifically those students from mechanical engineering who have focused their curriculum in chemistry or those students from chemical engineering second-cycle . In this maximum credit also provides for the possibility of recognize credits related to the professional experience of the candidates

Introductroy courses

Not established in the general syllabus. There is a possibility that the Master's Academic Committee indicate additional introductory courses to level the knowledge and skills of candidates according to the acces degree.

Recognitions and introductory courses: (pending)

Academic practices (Catalan version)


Master's Thesis (Catalan version)