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The objective of this Master's degree is to supply students with a solid scientific-technologic formation in the ambit of Chemical Engineering; not only in the professional ambit, but also in investigation. During the master, students are given a clear and wide view of the technologies that are currently applied in the different manufacturing processes that are present in the chemical industry, both at a large scale (petro-chemistry, for example) and at a smaller scale (pharmaceutical industry) as well as the several aspects that are associated to the security of these installations and to the measures that must be used to protect the environment.

These studies qualify students for the professional exercise, forming chemical engineers with a high level of competences that makes them adapt themselves easily to positions of high responsibility in companies or investigation centers belonging to the chemical sector, to the university or to administration. Amongst the professional aspect of this master, the school offers the possibility to course three, clearly defined, specialties. The specialties are: Polymers and Biopolymers, Chemical Processes’ Engineering and Biotechnological Engineering.  

The investigation aspect of this new master offers the possibility to continue with the following Doctorate Programs: Polymers and Biopolymers and Chemical Processes’ Engineering. Both of these doctorate programs count with an excellence mention. Furthermore, there is also the possibility to carry out a Doctorate in Agribusiness Technology and Biotechnology of the Chemical Engineering Dept. of the UPC.